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Dalian BW Center

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CIES Dalian Bonded Warehouse Center was established in June, 2008, locating in Jingang Enterprises Park with maintenance area of 2300sqm. The center is the only one approved by Dalian Custom.

The center has great convenient transportation, and there is only 900meters far from Intel (Dalian) Co.

There is only 30 km from the center to air and sea port, 5 km to the Management Committee and Custom of Development Area, which will provide a great convenience for cargo transportation and custom clearance.

The center serves for Intel’s equipment manufactures and other customers.

CIES provides the import and export goods declaration, transport, distribution and other related extension services. And in the declaration, in the need for the various countries must apply for the relevant documents such as mechanical and electrical products automatic import license, for free Mandatory product certification proves that general trade, such as automatic import license.etc.  


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