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Yizhuang BW Center

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Brief Introduction for The Bonded Warehouse in Yizhuang

 In April 2004, CIES was authorized to set up the Bonded Warehouses in Yizhuang(BWY) for spare parts and accessories by means of consignment in Beijing Economic And Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 5,300 square meters.
   Based on its experience and geographical advantages, BWY provides high quality service of bonded warehouse and logistics to both domestic and overseas customers. BWY is applied with strict management regulations, equipped with advanced surveillance, telecommunication, conveyance and computer facilities, and maintained by excellent property management company. Furthermore, CIES self-developed its own warehouse management software for BWY(Upgraded 05 Version) based on the supervision requirement ofCustoms and the practical operation of the clients. At present, more than ten companies, including AM, ASML, LAM RESEARCH, TEL, NOVELLUS , have their goods in CIES Bonded Warehouses. CIES looks forward to establishing further business cooperation with friends of all kinds.



Basic information of Bonded Warehouses:

I Hardware Facilities

1.Architectural Structure of the Bonded Warehouse

  Located on the site of Building 8,No 1 Disheng Beijie, Beijing Economic And Technological Development Zone, the Bonded Warehouse is a four-story independent building with an area of 5,300 square meters. Each floor of the warehouse has its own electric room, shifting room, cleaning room etc. CIES has made a few alterations to the ground and other facilities of the bonded warehouse under the requirement of Customs; Both the entrance door and doors of all rooms are made more wider and higher; There are various storage racks for spare parts in every room.

2. Monitor And Control Facilities And Safety Measures

   Surveillance Cameras are set up not only around the Bonded Warehouse but also on all key points of every floor of the Bonded Warehouse, effectively preventing off theft.

3. Communication Facilities

     Each office in the Bonded Warehouse has line connected and spare line ports are distributed conveniently. The Bonded Warehouse is equipped with Guowei WS824(D) Stored Program Controlled Telephone switchboard system (SPCTSS) which has the capacity of 31 simulation ports, 1 digital port and 4 ports. If need, the capacity of SPCTSS can be enlarged by adding simulation ports.

4. Computer Network

  All computers in the Bonded Warehouse are connected with both the local area network and the internet.

5. Fire Control

    The Bonded Warehouse strictly abides by“Fire Protection Law of China”.The fire control equipment and sprayers are fixed on every floor of the building and all the work staff in the bonded warehouse have received special training for fire protection.

6. Conveyance

    There are a DAWOO accumulator-powered truck and two manual hydraulic- pressure forklift trucks, meeting the needs for conveying goods in and out of the warehouse. The maximum load capacity of the middle elevator in the warehouse is 1.5 ton, satisfying different needs of customers.


II Software Facilities

1.Information Management Software for CIES Bonded Warehouse (IMSCB) (Upgraded 04 Version)

  The Information Management Software for CIES Bonded-warehouse(IMSCB) was self-developed in 2002 based on practical needs for Bonded Warehouses and on the former management experiences of over ten bonded warehouses located in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin. Beijing Administration of Customs fully confirms the adoption of IMSCB with appreciation. IMSCB was updated successfully on May 2004 and the basic contents include data statistic for goods in and out of the warehouse, inventory,returning goods for repair, monthly financial reports etc., leading to a detail-oriented fine inner management.

2.Detailed Rules for the Management of the Bonded Warehouse

  CIES sets down the detailed rules for the management of the bonded warehouse based on years of former experiences. According to the requirement of Beijing Administration of Customs, CIES revised the Rules (including 13 items which are divided into three parts as business management, executive management and financial management), by which Customs could supervise the warehouse more conveniently and CIES could strengthen the management of the bonded warehouse as well.

3.Supervision Management System(H2000)

  The old CB2000 system, worked for 4 years in the past and updated to H2000 version at present, was a computer management system applied by Beijing Administration of Customs for the purpose of strengthening the supervision of bonded warehouses. CIES adopted the principle of “Connected by One Click” to H2000 system in order to ensure the safety of H2000 system, network and related data in Customs. Moreover, the virus-killer software is installed in the terminal computer in the bonded warehouse and is upgraded regularly so as to reduce the maintenance workload or any conflicts generated between the management software by Customs for the supervision of bonded warehouses and other applications.

4.Financail Software System

  CIES applied the self-developed “CEIEC MIS” to the financial system for bonded warehouses with the contents including voucher subject、account subject、financial reports、credit management、system management and settlement of bills. Each client in bonded warehouses adopts independent financial system.

5.Maintenance Management

  To increase the level of the property management for the bonded warehouse, CIES consigns the maintenance of the warehouse to Beijing Dabei Property Management Company.

6.Safeguard Management

  Under the existing security condition, CIES designated persons to safeguard the whole warehouse. Meanwhile CIES draws up detailed safeguard rules to pertinently reinforce the security of the warehouse.


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