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Brief Introduction of CIES Shanghai Bonded Warehouses Center

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  CIES Shanghai Bonded Warehouses Center (CSBWC) was established on Jan 31st, 2005 with the No. 380 Certificate for Permitting Bonded Warehouses (Shanghai). CSBWC, covering an area of 2000 sq meters, is a three-story building. CSBWC is an accounts divided consignment bonded warehouses center managed directly by CIES and could provide bonded warehouses to several clients(mainly foreign clients) at the same time


  CSBWC,located in NO138,1505Nong,Zuchongzhi Road,Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,Pudong,Shanghai, is mainly provide 7*24 hours daily maintenance and sales service by means of consignment for some well-known companies such as SMICS, GSMC, HHNEC etc. The major advantageous functions are as follows:

A ,Quick Customs clearance. The time period from receiving the bill of shipment to transporting the goods into the bonded warehouse can be as short as 24 hours.

B ,he replacement spare parts and accessories within the warranty period from bonded warehouses are tax-free.

C ,All spare parts borrowed out of bonded warehouses can be collectively applied to Customs by months.

D ,The bonded warehouses in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park are less than 500 meters from SMICS and GSMC. The spare parts can be delivered to the ordered place within 1 hour upon receiving the orders from SMICS, GSMC and HHNEC. Meanwhile the bonded warehouses can also provide spare parts to other area of East China, such as Suzhou and Wuxi.

E ,The goods, deposited for over two years, can be returned first to Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and then be delivered into the bonded warehouses if needed. There are such cases successfully operated.

F ,The bad spare parts replaced by the new ones can be returned abroad or be destroyed on the spot from the bonded warehouses without the need for export verifying and writing-off instrument.

  At present, CIES has four large-scale bonded warehouses in Shanghai,whose clients are the world’s top four semiconductor equipment suppliers. Established as CIES in bonded warehouse services, We warmly welcome other semiconductor equipment suppliers to become our clients.

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